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Protected: NFL 2014 picks

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Protected: MLB picks

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Protected: WAR ROOM NFL AND CFB 2014-2015

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Ace-Ace Sports Report

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I’m a dime player only in NFL …so one unit = $1000….All other sports  1 unit =$200
If I play $2000 and your big bet is $400…than you should play 20% of what I play.
That means action play I bet $500 you bet $100 (your level of play)
I have talk to many and the % is from 5% to 30% for 80% of the ones that follow.

some time you see the big money and you say “let’s go for it and bet more”…DONT DO IT…. the key to winning is not week one…and not any block of weeks…Look at each week as a battle…the goal is to win the War (NFL)…money management is the key and dont forget it…

3 key thing

money management

keeping track of your bets and know where you are all the time

Research…dont just bet it because I’m on it…I want you to be the capper too.

all cappers are not different from wall street traders. Picking the right team is all about finding a good evaluation and the right price!!!

Any bet that I advise my clients to make, I wager myself. Why wouldn’t I!!!!

the bad part of sports advisor…..80% DONT MAKE ONE BET….buyer know your capper.

rank my sports

1. NFL


3. CBB

4. NBA


sign up by e-mailing me at

Best to all


A email I got “I am looking for a handicapper to go with long-term. Your website says that you were profitable in all sports last year” (from Docsports he is looking at)

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This is what I send back to him…Want to share with this group



Thank you very much for the inquiry and I appreciate you reaching out.

I want to focus on one thing that you put in your e-mail: “long-term”. I just want to tell you that is exactly the attitude that you want to have and that is the perfect way to look at betting – as a long-term investment. That is how I approach my own gambling and handicapping (I bet on every game that I release) and that is what has allowed me to be successful for over 20 years in this business. Your approach right there lets me know that you’re going to successful in this venture and that you are serious about making money.

I also want to correct something that you mentioned. I was not only profitable in every sport that I released picks for last year but I was profitable in every sport that I released picks on that started in the year 2009 as well. Basically, I am on a two-year winning streak in football, college basketball and/or the NBA.

 I have banked my $100-per-Unit clients about $20,000 during that time period. (I didn’t count the 2008 football toward the total because that sport started in 2008.) That is sustained, consistent success. Hey, I don’t always “tear it up” in all of the sports. My college basketball numbers were pretty pedestrian. But my MLB, football and NBA numbers I will stack up with anyone in the business. And I rely on fundamentals of betting (line value, going against the public, statistics and long-term trends) so my long-term earnings aren’t some fluke. Anyone can have one lucky month or even one lucky season. But for someone to make money, significant, consistent money, over two full calendar years you know that they are the real thing.

I always believe that it’s not where you start; it’s where you finish. And each of these years, and hopefully for years going forward, I always end up in the black. That is through all the highs and the lows, the big wins and the bad beats. And not only do my clients keep playing but they keep making money.

Like I said, I bet every single game that I release. So when you play with me it is a true “partnership in profit” because if I’m making money you are making money and vice versa.

I hope that this has been informative and I hope that this makes your decision an easy one. If you are interested in the “flavor of the month” handicapper then you may want someone else. But if you want a veteran handicapper with a proven track record of success and someone that will keep earning not over days and weeks, but months and years, then I would love to “partner up”.